So… Everything started well. I had taken the task and had read all the instruction. I decided to go to the bank I had chosen to be serviced, with the check-up. At the appointed time I was at the location. So, I am sitting at the bank repeating the legend in my head. I look up and see my relative, who as it turned out had got a job in that bank.

But I am a secret agent and everything should be a secret! So, I am not letting out the aim of my visit and I am ignoring my relative’s curiosity. She doesn’t let me achieve my goal she asks me loads of questions. I am confused and I realize that I need a good lie! The only idea that came to my mind was that my parents and I have sold our apartment and we need to invest money in best way.

She is satisfied for some time so she stops asking questions. So I can do what I have to do and everything goes really well. After my relative’s questions I am ready to answer any questions and my legend sounds perfect.

I am back home and the first thing I hear from my father

“Have you really sold our apartment?”

so, I had to tell…. it wasn’t a secret visit in the end. I am not a good spy and not a perfect liar. As for my relative… she could be a detective.

I could suggest that there should be some instructions in a case you meet your curious relatives and friends.