The way a mystery shopper looks during a secret visit is an important aspect for conducting a successful evaluation of an establishment, since blending with the crowd is the task number one for a mystery shopper to remain invisible.

Regardless of which establishment you need to check (fast food or high-class hotel), you should act as a regular customer, but your clothing is also no less important.

Fast food ? ?

Since in such establishments people dress very differently and this is a casual style in most cases, but still avoid too home and pajama style. Separate the concepts of casual style and the clothes that you wear only at home. It is best to wear what you would wear being not a mystery shopper, but an ordinary customer.

Mystery Shopping in Retail ? ?

Clothing for purchases in this kind of service segment is very different. If you visit stores for home or supermarkets – clothes can be any. But if your task is to check an upscale store, where the goods is cost several thousand dollars, to the issue of clothing for such checks should be approached seriously. Try to look like people who really do regular shopping in such stores. But do not overdo, so that it will look strange and will make your visit memorable for the staff.

General recommendations ?

Regardless in which segment you need to conduct a secret check, always be neat and in clean clothes. It’s also best to wear clothes that hide tattoos, if you have them. Avoid t-shirts or jackets that contain the prints or inscriptions with indecent images or insulting inscriptions. In general, dress as if you are going to a meeting with your relatives and want to make a good impression.