Prepare your brain ?
Before the task, try to calm your brain, sit down and relax, breathing deeply into the stomach. This will help to concentrate before starting work.

Identify the area of your focus ?
This means that you need to determine what your focus should be on. You need to spend some time before the task to determine what exactly deserves your attention. The success is how correctly and clearly you define on what you need to focus.

Update ?
Even a 30 minute walk in outside will help you to update and relax. However strange it may sounds, but to concentrate you need to relax.

A cup of coffee ☕
If you need to work in the afternoon, a cup of coffee can help you to concentrate, giving more energy. Caffeine does not promote a memory development and does not improve the quality of training, but it increases a physiological arousal, which gives us the opportunity to pay increased attention to something during the performance of a complex task.

Control of temperature ?
As the research shows, the room temperature also affects productivity and attention. If in the location is too hot, or too cold, this interferes with the concentration of your attention. Therefore, think about the comfortable clothes before the task.