Customers – I would like to say that it the bloodstream of one company. One company cannot survive if having no customer. Depending on the size of the company, there will be some suitable ways to reach your target customers. To tangible products, customers can touch, smell, see, taste or even directly test as well, then come to decision quite more quickly than intangible products when it could take more time to come to the final decision. Thus, how can one company does if they want to boost their sales with intangible products? With my tiny experience, working in the field of service consultancy, I would like to share what I did and hopefully, it works for your case as well: a. The power of Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ..etc are always useful and effective to most of the companies. These social media networks have connected everyone all over the world to become closer and support them in accessing latest information in an easy way without much effort required from them. In our company, we used most of the social media platforms and we post almost every day. The contents of our posts are quite diverse, including, new information of new coming groups, activities during their programs, final reports and upcoming new training course and events. Because we are the organization coordinating hundreds of mobility programs, thus, we host many different groups all over the world every month. b. Relationship: Building the customer relationship is not an easy task, thus maintaining it becomes more difficult. How to satisfy our customers with services they choose, it is really the point that we have to mainly focus on in order to offer the higher level of quality. Depending on the duration of the program, we often have one or two evaluations (mid or final one) in order to understand how far we meet their requirements and satisfaction as well as know how which we need to improve in the future. Each person has one main database and we are responsible for the target groups, maintain and develop the long-lasting relationship. During their stay with their program, we also organized some different excursions that made them have time on exploring new attractions, be familiar with different cultures and try to taste a variety of cuisines. c. Keep your blog awake: You cannot count many brands in the marketplace and the workflow of information going every second in social media. If your current customers do not get any news from you, it means that you create a new room for your competitor to reach your customers as well as unable to reach to new potential customers as well. It is also the way showing that your company still active and customers can acquire some new things; even some do not care much about the contents of the articles. The more effective and useful information you provide to your customers, the more attention you can get from them. Hence, we always update our blog information and ensure it be always active. d. Joining actively some organizations: Many service companies often underestimate the power and benefits of joining some organizations because they find that the admission fee is high or a waste of time. They feel uninterested in connecting partnership through these networks. However, it is a mainly effective tool that they can find many partners via sharing experience, exchanging knowledge, and building up new business. Thus, understanding the spirit of fair competitiveness will support them in boosting new networks, gaining more sales into sustainable development. #ilovescheduling