My name is Tanya. When my daughter was 15 years old she would like to have an APPLE iPod. I explained to her: “Not a problem I can help you. Only one condition. You must help me to make money for an iPod.” My daughter called Dasha agreed. Dasha was working for two months in a supermarket. And …we could buy an iPod for her. She was very happy and me too. She took it everywhere with herself. Dasha does loves music. After a couple of months, Dasha fell in the rain, and the iPod was wet and it stopped to work. Dasha put it on a shelf and forgot about it. After 6 months, Dasha found her iPod on a shelf and decided to switch it on. She was surprised. Her lovely iPod is still working and all the songs are preserved. Now Dasha is about 24 years old and she’s enjoying her lovely iPod but now not alone … with her 8-month-old daughter called Elly.