Being a woman is a gift. Having a party, going to the supermarket, driving home from work, taking kids from school and making your home works might be easy if you are comfortable enough in your garments. But what about if you wear a bra, that every five minutes has got its straps falling down, putting you uncomfortable and in a bad mood?

This is what happened to me wearing bras of any brands and for many years. I was really stressed and the only thing I wanted was a perfectly fitted bra with straps, which did not fall down every minute. I wanted to feel comfortable and not to have to put back the straps on my shoulders. So, I went to a department store willing to spend any amount of money, to find a bra that will do the job.

A sales advisor immediately welcomed me as I stepped in and with a smile, she made me feel as she already solved my problem and it was. She listened to me and asked me a lot of questions. Then, she kindly said that I did not need a new bra but only a cross strap due to my body shape. I couldn’t believe the solution was so easy and unexpansive. The sales advisors invited me to the fitting room to show me how to use the cross strap and done. My life changed in a second. No more straps falling down, no bad mood and I could do each daily job feeling comfortable all day long.

I really appreciated how that sales advisor helped me because she did not sell another new bra, she listened to me, she understood what my problem was and solved it. She took care of me and not about her daily target sales as all other previous sales advisors did. I was really grateful to this sales advisor for how she changed my life.