I always buy coffee in one and the same coffee house called Coffee Inn, as I think there is no better coffee in my city. But that day was going to change my attitude to this place. The staff is always very friendly here, though that morning something was wrong. I entered the coffee house to drink a cup of hot cocoa and take some ground coffee beans with me. I was ready to make an order, when a girl at the cash desk showed me her hand to stop me. She was talking on the phone, so, I sat down to wait for her. She stopped talking and disappeared. I spent about 15 minutes looking at the coffee house interior and felt bored. Fortunately, the girl came back and took my order. After that, she disappeared for 15 minutes more and brought me a cup of almost cold coffee. It was something not tasty! So, I asked for my coffee beans and a bill. She left me alone again! It seemed unbearable! How could she disappear for so long and leave a client alone? While I was thinking of it, a company of guys and girls came in. Still, there was nobody at the cashier desk. My patience was over! Why should I wait for so long to get my coffee? I left the money for a cup of cold coffee and went away. Sometimes I would like to come back here, but every time I remember this girl and the whole situation, I regret about the time spent there. #ilovescheduling