Being a mystery shopper means having the ability to check different types of business, get acquainted and communicate with different people, try new products and services and get paid for it.
Although sharing the impressions and experiences with family and friends is very good, but don’t forget about the confidentiality agreement, that is so important and, that you signed, starting to work in mystery shopping sphere. This agreement contains the details, that you must not disclose. You must always remember, that disclosure of the details of a secret check can threaten not only by the loss of your money for checks and the work by a mystery shopper, but also by the loss of the client by the company.
? Below is a list of the details, that you must not disclose working as a mystery shopper:

? Clients names.
Companies turn to the mystery shopping services and hire the mystery shoppers to check their business in order to gain an advantage among their competitors, and, of course, they don’t want their names and their companies names be disclosed. Non-disclosure of the names is an iron rule for anyone, who works in the mystery shopping sphere, and violation of this rule threatens the loss of money and job, so don’t take risks.
? Results of checks.
The results that you receive during the secret check should remain only between you and the company you work for. These estimates are extremely important for the checked companies, since it contain the information about the strengths and weaknesses of the company, so disclosure is forbidden.
? Forms for filling.
Forms for filling out the results by a mystery shopper after check may always differ. This is due to the fact, that individual work is carried with each company and forms for filling are developed depending on the client’s preferences and what exactly they want to check.
? Rules and standards of the store.
Companies spend a lot of time and money to developing the individual rules and standards to stay competitive and to be on top. And if there is a leak of information to competitors, it can cause huge damage to the company. Therefore, such details must remain confidential.
? In general.
Some mystery shoppers ask for advice and ask the questions about mystery shopping in social networks or on a forums, but it’s not right. It’s better to ask all questions about the check your scheduler.
Companies especially value the honesty and reliability of their mystery shoppers, so they will gladly answer all your questions and give a detailed explanation.
By ensuring the confidentiality of the data you receive during the checks, thereby you ensure the security of your work and create strong business relationships with the mystery shopping company.