I love swimsuits. I wasn’t even born in a place were I could actually use one, not like it’s prohibited, but more like people are very shy about their bodies. I was basically wearing a bikini exclusively on holidays or in private events.

It was actually a holiday in Costa Rica when Kino, my travel friend and I had to leave the beach before it was dark, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to catch the ferry to our next destination. We were having lunch when I found it, across the street from the Greek Hamburguer’s store was a small swimsuit shop with a beautiful turquoise mono-kini and I wasn’t going to loose the opportunity to visit it.

The moment I passed that door, the owner, a woman in it’s late 30’s and big smile, saw me and told me: “please don’t look at those piles, they don’t fit you, search from here to here” – showing me where I should look at. “Are you looking for 2 piece or one piece swimsuit?”- she asked. “Actually, I like the one that the mannequin is wearing” – I answered. “Oh… I’m really sorry, we don’t have your size” -she read my mind because she added: “I’m the one who designs and make the swimsuits, I know every types of bodies, and I’m small like you, not every type of bikini fits as it should…. wear this and this other one, that’ll fit you”.

I barely spoke, she made all the talk and without knowing I was already in the dressing room trying around 8 models, all of them size-perfect. I couldn’t have done it better… the woman was gifted. This experience makes me think about what actually “good service” means. Is it something we expect? Is the minimum requirements to have a functional smooth-as expected service?

I could have choose by myself, try some models, and then choose the one I thought was the best for me. She could have wait sitting at the counter until I had to pay, but she didn’t. She was there telling me that she knew best what was better for me, and… she was right. When you know your business, you can dare even to say to your clients: “Here’s my card, I know you’ll want more one time and you’ll need it. I can ship it to your country” as this woman did to me and other clients. …and yes, I have ordered some more :). #Ilovescheduling