I heard about Japanese cultures and their spirits many times but I could not understand clearly if I didn’t have a real chance to experience. It was quite lucky to me that I was supposed to finish my trip earlier due to my painful legs after some long traveling days around Tokyo. At that time, my friend invited me to attend the festival at Azabu-Judan. There, 02 live performances really impressed me. The 1st one was performed by 2 actors with Kimono – Japanese traditional clothes doing some actions relating to some daily activities and lifestyles of Japanese people. I don’t understand Japanese, thus, I just figured out based on their actions. The 2nd live performance was indeed surprised me that I had to record every second of that performance. They were a total of 6 actors I think and they played different kinds of instruments that made the sound feel like a big music festival. The music, the action, and their spirits drove all of us to follow them with screaming, yelling and clapping our hands without pause. I performed by beloved hearts and sent their love to everyone there. Although the weather was a little hot, it didn’t matter because we almost forgot the heat. Their performance was so appealing and attractive that all of us were engaged with a Japanese spirit. These live performances seemed a great chance that Japanese artists can introduce their culture to tourists in a positive and effective way through offering such the fantastic music. #ilovescheduling