The mystery shopper’s report is the most important ingredient of your work as a mystery shopper. The ability to write good reports is the key element to become a professional in the mystery shopping work.

The quality of your report depends on these criteria:

?Informative of the report:

The number of comments and notes, as well as the details that you specify in the report. For example, the lack of cleanliness in the establishment (dirty floor, garbage, poorly washed dishes, etc.).

All details, even small ones, should be included in your report. Even if the comment field for filling out is small, this should not limit you. The more detailed comments you will write, the more qualitative your report will be.

?Orthography and grammar:

Make sure that your report is grammatically correct. Now there are many programs and apps for smartphone. You just need to insert your text, to check the mistakes and fix them. You can use these applications: Grammarly or Correctica.

?Timely sending a report:

This is extremely important! You should try to follow the deadlines. And if you receive back a report for revision, you should send it no later than 24 hours.

If you understand that you can’t send the report on time at the specified time, you must inform your scheduler about it.

?As you can see, the report is a very important part of the work of a mystery shopper, so you need to take it seriously, realizing that this affects the subsequent processing the report and the overall evaluation of the establishment as a whole.
And, of course, the better you write and provide the reports, the more you increase your rating, which gives you the benefits of getting more interesting assignments with more payment.