Companies that use the mystery-shopper services are those who value good service and strive customers to like and appreciate their service.
For a good Mystery Shopper, Mystery Shopping is an opportunity to improve services in places where they like to spend time. A good mystery shopper loves his work and enjoys the fact that his comments and suggestions are valued and applied in practice by companies.
One of the main differences of a good mystery shopper is to receive satisfaction from the fact that the level of customer service quality is growing thanks to his activities, and that he plays an important role in this improvement.
Professional mystery shoppers are reliable, conscientious and objective.
They approach each new task seriously and with high responsibility. A good mystery shopper agrees only on those visits that can perform honestly, objectively and unbiased, and also strictly adhering to the evaluation criteria of each assignment.

❌Mystery shoppers jobs are not for you if:

⚫⏰ you don’t have free time (as each period of purchases is strictly planned and there is no possibility for redistribution) Failure to meet or delay the check is a gross violation.

Mystery shopping is funny, but it’s not a joke! ?
The work of a mystery shopper is funny and interesting work, but it is a serious business, as companies use the results of a check by a mystery shopper as an important tool for making changes to the workflow, and when calculating bonuses for their employees. Companies make important decisions based on checked data. Therefore, always remember the importance and accuracy of each visit. Mystery shopping is a serious research and a mystery shopper should allocate a little time for preparation before each visit, since each check is unique.

? The quality of the work of mystery-shoppers is the key to improving the standards of service for each establishment!