There is one local shop of healthy food, located next to my house. It is my favorite shop to buy natural milk and butter, as I like its high quality, natural ingredients, and service. Girls are always smiling here and glad to serve a patron! I used to look through new goods to estimate them and was surprised to find some amazing butter. There was not enough information on the label, so I have decided to ask for it. I called a sales assistance, but that girl told me that she can’t answer this question. I was confused because I saw such a service there for the first time. So, I decided to try it and also took my favorite homemade cheese as I have run out of it. When I went to the cashier desk, there was nobody. I called for a girl, but didn’t get any answer. Usually there were several ladies working. I spent about 10 minutes there, when I saw this young lady coming to me. She excused for waiting and offered me to get a small yogurt as a gift. I agreed to take it because I started feeling a bit nervous. But it was not all! The cash desk made such a strange noise that this girl became afraid of it. As a result, she couldn’t process my buying and I had nothing to do, just to leave a shop as I was not going to spend 30 minutes more there. Now I don’t have any wish to come back there again, when I see this girl at the cashier desk. That is how one person can leave a negative impression of the shop! #ilovescheduling