Last year I decided to become a mystery shopper. But it was not a straightforward decision for me because I really wondered: “How can it be possible that I will be paid by somebody¸ who I have not seen before?” and “isn’t this just another internet joke, or some sort of hacker or phishing trick?”
But my curiosity was won, I responded and did my first visit as a mystery shopper.
I have to say that shopping is not my favorite activity. My first idea was to invite some my friends, who really love shopping, to join me in this new adventure. But unfortunately, I got really negative reactions from them! One of them laughed at me and called me a foolish and naive woman, the others came up with many reasons to be skeptical. I was deeply upset and felt miserable.
But then I had an experience that I just HAD to write about!
There was a project with Triumph in the summer of last year. Unfortunately, it was in Maastricht, a long way from where I live. However, I happen to have a friend who lives very close to Maastricht so I decided to give it one last try and asked her to do the consultation, with me being her recommender. My friend is a very attractive and kind woman who is always very positive and helpful, so I hoped she would be interested.
So I called and asked her: “What are your plans for today?” She said that she and her boyfriend were going to a restaurant in Maastricht for a birthday party. Perfect! I then explained her about the Triumph project and asked her if she wanted to do a consultation for me and answer the questions about the service in this store and then fill in the questionnaire.
She asked a lot of questions about this visit. When? Where? How does it work? Are you sure this is real? I sent her a lot of information and the link to the website. She was very close to taking it, just wanted a little bit of time to think it over…
An hour later she called me back and asked me: “Can my 18 year old stepson do this for me?”
After I managed to quit laughing I explained she that it would probably be a bit difficult for him to get a consultation while fitting several pieces of lingerie for which he is not properly “equipped”…..
We shared a good laugh over this. Later I thought that maybe I was overthinking it. We have a nice and tolerant atmosphere here in Holland, it is very possible the boy would have gotten the best consultation and service ever!
Thanks for this contest, I love that I can share this experience with you! #iloveschedulling