It’s a story of my wedding dress… Unfortunately, not all the shops and ateliers work the way we would like them. Buying of a wedding dress is a special moment for every lady as you want it to be ideal, perfect, and one-of-a-kind. So, I have spent days and nights to look for the one which will fit me in all senses. I opened websites to look through approximate models and then suddenly saw it – the dress I definitely would like to be in! To my regret, this shop was located in another town, but I was completely confident in my wish to try it on! I took my friend and we went to another town. We found this shop rather fast, but there was a great disappointment for me! That dress I fell in love with at their website looked completely different in reality! You know it was so frustrating that it wasn’t my dress and I have spent a lot of time to come there… But this story had to be a happy one! Assistants of this shop didn’t want to leave me without a dress and so they have started to show me all their models being available! It was something unforgettable! I have never seen so many great dresses and then suddenly I noticed the one being unique! Unique without doubts! I decided to try it on and understood that it was just sewed for me!! Besides, these friendly girls made me a good discount to make me feel absolutely satisfied! I was the happiest bride ever!