Nowadays our life is often concentrated in the phone: calls, messages, working moments, order the services, food at home and much, much more. All this creates the need for companies to monitor the quality of the services they provide over the phone carefully. Correct provision of information over the phone also creates the opportunity to sell products and services effectively. Therefore, it is so important to check the quality of services over the phone regularly: how quickly the client receives the information, how polite and competent your employees are, does they offer additional services to customers, etc. Hundreds of mystery shoppers of our company monitor a quality on a daily basis, and check how well the companies provide the services to their customers. Here are a few items that mystery shoppers usually check during the mystery calls:

Many customers are lost and forget the purpose of the call if they hear too long greeting in their phone. The research shows that customers more prefer when they are greeted clearly and concisely, without long phrases. Therefore, one of the tasks of a mystery shopper is to check how easy it’s to perceive a greeting during the call to the company. Best of all, if it’s just the company name, employee’s name and the offer to help in a positive tone.

Mystery shopper listens very attentively and follows the voice of the employee. The voice can express sincere concern about the client’s problem and the desire to help, and quite the contrary, express boredom or even hostility. Secret calls are always recorded and when mystery shopper completes the check, he fills out the report, to which he attaches the audio record. This is done so that the management of the checked company can obtain a detailed information and visually track all the problem areas in the providing of services.

Skills and knowledge?
Customers call the company to obtain the necessary information or assistance, so employees must have sufficient knowledge to answer any question regarding the company’s services. Competence and courtesy in communication by the staff inspire great trust in customers. Therefore, mystery shoppers pay attention to the knowledge of employees about everything that concerns the company and its services during the communicating with employees. Also, they draw attention to how the telephone consultation procedure is going on. An important point is the employee tells the client to wait a couple of minutes to solve his problem. It’s impermissible to ignore this and leave the client without notice of expectation. If the waiting is longer than 1 minute, the employee should offer the client a call back after 5 minutes so as not to waste time.

Parting ?
Farewell at the end of the call is also important, as the greeting. Therefore, mystery shopper tracks how employee said goodbye to him at the end of the conversation, and how politely and sincerely the employee did it. Farewell can be different, for example, a simple “Good day!”, or “We look forward to hearing your call again.” This should be as sincere and friendly as possible.

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