In most cases, mystery shopping involves the purchases or services of what you and your family or friends use every day. Therefore, mystery shopping is a perfect solution! Here are some options for the mystery shopper:

? Cafes and restaurants ??
Sure, you can constantly save the money on breakfasts, lunches or dinners in cafes and restaurants, but why not take the opportunity and become a mystery shopper for a cafe or restaurant? Just imagine, you come to a pizzeria or a bakery, order what you really want, enjoy the dish, watching the atmosphere of the establishment, the work of the staff, the cleanliness of the halls, assessing how delicious the cuisine is. You can also ask a couple of questions to the staff to check their competence, courtesy and skills. And after you receive the compensation for the visit, that is the cost of your order. So tempting, right?
In addition, you perform a social mission, helping the companies to improve the quality of their customer service.

? Car maintenance ??
It’s not a secret, that one of the greatest damage to your budget is the cost of refueling the car and its maintenance. But mystery shopping solves even such high-budget expenses. Gas stations and car maintenance services also need secret checks and an assessment of their level of service. All you need is to become a mystery shopper, get a mystery task and follow the instructions and recommendations to act like an ordinary customer and to receive such services for free or at a great discount.

? Gifts ?
Express your love to a person by presenting a box of chocolates, flowers or another gift, and save the money on this, being a mystery shopper. Many such stores often use the mystery checks.

? Rest ?
Taking a couple of days off and rent a hotel room to change the habitual atmosphere, you also can save the money on such costs. Hotels are frequent users of mystery shopper services, since the service in hotels must be at a high level. Being a mystery shopper, you can pay for your stay in the hotel, in exchange for your observation and attention to the service in the hotel, and for reporting the results after.