Among the customers of grocery stores, you can see both food shopping lovers and absolute haters of this type of stores. The first type of shoppers enjoys, carefully choosing each product, and gets real pleasure from the process. Others, on the contrary, hate this, and you will immediately recognize them. They throw food into their basket reluctantly just to fill it with food and leave as quickly as possible.

If you belong to the first type and you are an enthusiast in the world of grocery shopping, you will enjoy shopping and evaluating the service as a Mystery Shopper.

Department evaluation:
Many grocery stores are large retailers with numerous departments. The mystery shopper’s report requires detailed information about several departments. Typical departments for evaluation consist of a department of seafood, meat, health and beauty, bakery products, ready-made foods, etc.

Overall impression:
Grocery stores are also interested in having customers stay in store longer and thus buy more products. There are many factors, which affect the amount of time a buyer stays in a store. The questions about the temperature in the store, the type and volume of music, smells, ease of navigation of the store, etc are often included to assess the grocery store by the mystery shopper. Perhaps you will also be asked to evaluate the restroom, parking, sidewalks, etc.

Preparation for mystery shopping:
You probably will be tempted to print out your report and take it with you to the store to fill it in the course of secret check, but don’t succumb to this! Of course, maybe you will be able to fill it out imperceptibly, but there is always a big risk that it will be noticed and your check will fail. It’s much better if you make small notes on the phone, pretending to check if there are any missed calls.

During purchases:
Wear comfortable and simple clothes, behave naturally and calmly ask the necessary questions. For example, the legend of an approaching picnic with friends in the outdoors or watching football with friends perfectly suited for a purchase in the meat department, so you will need not make a mistake when choosing meat and cheese for sandwiches.

Also, don’t strain to read the name of the employee, if you can’t read it on the badge. The description of the employee’s appearance also works well for determining the person who served you.

And finally, be friendly, natural and polite?! These are the best qualities for a successful Mystery Shopper ??