Many shops, banks, restaurants need to check the service quality, monitor their employees work and evaluate products or services.
Mystery shoppers are hired for visits to the establishment on purpose to make a purchase and report their client experience. Work as mystery shopper is an excellent opportunity to work part-time and earn extra money. In addition, there are the full time mystery shopper jobs, which give you opportunity to earn more making several visits per day.
Before you become a mystery shopper, you need to familiarize yourself with the duties that you will have to fulfill:

?Communication with staff:
One of the key tasks of mystery shopper is interaction with the employees of the establishment. This means that you may need to ask some questions about the product or service. For example, you can ask a question about some dishes in the restaurant menu, or ask for a consultation in a devices store. This information helps mystery shopper to obtain more detailed information about the level of customer service. Information that a mystery shopper receives during a visit is used by the management of the establishment to change and improve approaches to customer service.

?Buy something:
Mystery shopper needs to purchase a specific product or service during the visit to the establishment. Mystery shopper pays it with his own money, but he is reimbursed after all the stages of the task. The amount that the company will reimburse to the mystery shopper is stipulated in advance, therefore it is necessary to read the conditions carefully. In the case that a mystery shopper has to buy something expensive, he doesn’t receive the amount of the goods, but he returns it to the store and receives a full refund and after a payment for the completed task.

?Write a visit report:
Mystery shoppers write a report in which they talk about their client experience. Some tasks require the submission of a report strictly within 24 hours. Mystery shoppers often fill out an online report in a special form. Also, mystery shoppers companies sometimes indicate the number of characters that need to be written in each section of the report. Mystery shopper report contains a detailed story about the visit to the establishment, impressions of the service. Also, the mystery shopper can take notes during the visit and use them during the compilation of his report.

?Supplement to the report:
After drawing up the report, the mystery shopper should send it to the company he cooperates with. Some companies require a mystery shopper to register on their website to send a report. Others can receive your report simply by mail. Together with the report, mystery shopper companies require the provision of copies of receipts to recover the amount spent on products or services. After sending the report, you will receive a notification that you have fulfilled all the conditions correctly and will receive a payment. Usually the payment is made from one week to two months after the fulfillment of all duties.