➕Get paid for shopping
If you enjoy making purchases in stores or visit other establishments, then job as a mystery shopper is exactly for you, as here you get paid for what you like to do. In most cases, during the visit you can buy what you need and receive compensation. You can also dine or refuel your car without compromising your budget.

➕Convenient schedule
One of the main thing among mystery shopper benefits is flexibility, as it is very convenient to combine for a mother with a small child or for student. You will have deadlines for completing the task, but for secret tasks you can always choose those days when you have free time at your disposal.

➕Mystery shopper work from home
Mystery shopping is work outside the office and there is no binding to the workplace. You will need to go to the establishment for check, but all transport or the purchases costs will be refunded to you.

➖Irregular income
The disadvantage of mystery shopping job can be that you don’t have a stable income as in office job. You get paid for each correctly performed task, and sometimes it happens that there are no available assignments in your area for a certain time.

➖Work for several spheres
To earn more you need to perform more tasks. Con of this may be that you will need to learn some information from different areas of business, which may not be so easy and it will cause confusion for some people.

Every year the mystery shopping sphere grows and develops, and this in turn induces the emergence of mystery shopper scams. Fraudulent mystery shopping companies post or send the offers with very favorable terms to mystery shoppers, while requiring the payment for registration as a mystery shopper, but in return they offer nothing.
You need to be careful and don’t trust unknown companies. It is better to see reviews from other mystery shoppers on forums and on social networks, and use the list of members of the MSPA on their website also.