Today, cars are an important and integral part of the modern life of each of us. Service for such spheres as gas stations, test-drives and car showrooms should always be on top. So, mystery shopper is a necessary method for checking and identifying service deficiencies.

? Car purchase.
Such checks require visits to showrooms and test-drives. The evaluation of the mystery shopper consists of all the details, from greeting by the staff, selecting the model, evaluating the employee and his knowledge as a salesperson, communicating during the road testing and communicating after.

Shopping for Pre-Owned Vehicles.
You need to visit the dealer center, to do a test-drive and to analyze both the status of the condition car, and sales and negotiation skills of the seller. In some cases, you need to make a call to check the presence of the car and evaluate the presentation skills by the phone.

Shops of spare parts and service centers.
To become a mystery shopper for this type of secret check, you must be the owner of a car of a certain brand, model and year of release. The instruction for such check may include the replacement of simple spare parts or general maintenance, for example, oil change. It is necessary to evaluate the quality and service time, competence and courtesy of the staff, as well as comfort and cleanliness.

? Online shopping.
Many modern companies provide online-services for the sale of goods. This allows customers to choose all what they need: tires, rims, protective undercoating, etc.
Such checks help to test the communication skills, because the competition in the car market is very high and it is extremely important to provide different types of auto services and do it qualitatively.