Do you like dining in cafes and restaurants? Would you like to receive lunch for free? Yes, it’s real! You don’t need to participate in any contests to have lunch for free. You have the opportunity to eat in some cafes and restaurants thanks to mystery shopping!
Today, it happens that there is no way to find an extra money in your budget to have lunch at your favorite cafe. But there is an optimal solution: become a mystery shopper, evaluate the quality of service, food and drinks of establishments, as well as a such extremely important factors as cleanliness in everything.
To become a mystery shopper you don’t need to do anything complicated.
Here are a few steps for this:

? To apply now:
Register, filling in the form of a mystery shopper – it is the first step on the way to receiving the free dinners! Before sending, make sure that you have filled everything correctly, also check the grammar.

? The confirmation:
After you apply, you will receive a confirmation e-email. You will also receive a list of available places to check in your region.

? Mystery shopping:
After receiving the task, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the details, instruction and scenario of the future check. Before you go to the establishment, check several times the address and time of the check. You will not receive the payment if you make the check in incorrect establishment or not at the specified time.
During the secret visit, try to mix with other customers and always remember that you are a Mystery Shopper.

 ? Send a great report!
As a rule, the questions in different reports are vary depending on what the management wants to know about their services. This can be the quality of food, cleanliness in the halls, courtesy of staff, speed of service.
If you have any questions during the filling a report, contact your manager before sending it. Also, don’t forget to check the grammar of your report.
Remember that the better and more informative is your report, the more tasks to check, free meals and extra money you will receive!

? Start right now!
Mystery shopping is one of the best jobs, as you will have a flexible schedule, which you plan for yourself, stable payment, as well as the interesting tasks and new locations each time. Earn, helping the companies to achieve the greatest success in service!