I was checking one of the banks and after that I had the only impression that the employees fulfilled all the employer’s requirements excellently! All the employees dressed in the uniform with badges and ties with the image of the bank, were carrying out their duties diligently. There weren’t any queues or needless talks. At the entrance you were met by a friendly security. So everything was perfect!

I was so pleased that my report praised all the aspects!

But…some time later I came to the same bank to receive the payment for that check. The only thing which was the same was the interior – the rest was very different. The only employee who was at her working place was the consultant on the loans, who was trying to clarify some details of the loan – screaming through three other working places to the bank employee in the distant room.

The shouting… the queue …

There were seven people standing in the queue (there were no chairs – there were several during the check)

The security was very different, too … probably they had rented him for the time of the check.