Pets are an integral part of many of us. Someone likes cats, and someone prefers a dog company, and it’s extremely important to take care of your pets to keep them healthy and to make them to feel comfortable. But, as you know, veterinary services are very expensive, and you need to pay a lot even for a routine preventive examination in a good clinic.
Work by a mystery shopper is an opportunity to save not only on lunch or shopping, but also on the treatment of your pets. When making mystery visits to veterinary clinics and checking the quality of their services, you can save the money on expenses for caring for your animals without sacrificing quality.

? Usually, before a visit to a veterinary clinic, you need to sign up for an appointment by phone, indicating the reason. This can be a general preventive examination, vaccines, ear cleaning, nail cutting, etc.

? The check begins as soon as you go to the clinic at the time appointed for you. Pay attention to the greeting you by the employees and on the presence and attitude of the staff in general.
While waiting for reception, and also during the medical examination, it is best to use a stopwatch to fix the time.
? During the examination of your pet, ask at least one question to express your concern. For example, ask about the recommendations for pet’s food or toys.
Don’t forget to record the names of the employees who served you, as well as receive a receipt for services.

?After the end of the mystery check, you will need to fill in all the necessary details of the visit in a special form of the mystery shopper. It is best to do this immediately after the visit, as all the details in your memory are fresh and your report will be more accurate.

As you can see, saving the money on expensive veterinary services is not difficult and very interesting! Caring for your pets, you provide a comfort and a happy life not only to them, but to yourself, because the scientists have long proven that animals contribute to our psychological and mental well-being.