Follow the instructions ?
The first thing a mystery shopper should have is the ability to follow the instructions to the task. The instructions for secret visits serve to ensure that you have performed certain actions, and the company will have receive what it expects from you. All that is required of you is to follow the instructions and scenarios of your task. Visit the establishment at the time specified in the instruction, perform the actions described in it and spend the right time on all this. Also write up and send a mystery shopper’s report on time.

Be honest ?
Honesty is extremely important for mystery shopper. You get money for honest mystery shopper reports, so if you think you can’t stick to honesty and transparency, you better give up the idea of becoming a mystery shopper. It is necessary to adhere to honesty at all stages of the secret visit, and especially at the stage of writing the report.

Friendliness ?
Mystery shopper should be friendly to people, since he will communicate with many people at each stage of mystery shopper check, so you need to be opened and courteous. You should not to provoke a situation, but observe and see what is actually happening in the institution. Your task is to observe and report, and to make it much easier, being friendly.

Ability to write ✍
One of the most important and final tasks of a mystery shopper is the preparation of mystery shoppers report, and it is necessary to have writing skills for this. You don’t need something supernatural, you just need to be able to write a concise, understandable and informative report. It is best to avoid vague words and statements, but to fill the record with honest and useful details. Don’t forget to edit your report before sending it, check it for grammatical mistakes.

Ability to catch details ?
To specify more details in the report and make it more useful and informative, you need to see and be able to pay attention to the details, for example, was an employee smiling at the meeting with you or did he have knowledge that interested you. Take your time during the visit, if the instruction doesn’t force you to finish quickly. Additional time will allow you to notice more details that are necessary.

Good memory ?
Of course, a mystery shopper can’t visit the establishment and write down all details with a pen and notepad, so you need to have a good memory not to forget an information for the report. For best results, fill out a mystery shopper report form immediately after the visit, and don’t send it immediately after it is written, because after a while you may remember other details and will be able to supplement them in your report.