How correctly the questionnaire of mystery shopper is filled depends how much the estimation received at check is qualitative and if it corresponds to a real state of affairs in the establishment.
The main mistakes of the questionnaire of mystery shopper:
all important points are not displayed;
there are moments with ambiguous wording;
questionnaire is overloaded with superfluous text;
questions, blocks and sections are distributed in the questionnaire illogically.
Using such an incorrect questionnaire leads to:
not complete mapping of the situation;
difficult perception of the questionnaire by the client.
As a result, the real service level is not displayed.
Development of the questionnaire of a mystery shopper is the most important stage of check. It is necessary to allocate sections and blocks and necessary questions on them correctly.
The correct distribution of sections and blocks is also important from the point of view of the importance of the issues. Each question has a certain number of points, which depend on the importance of the question. It is counted when the standard is implemented.
The maximum number of points can be dialed only when all service standards are met. Their number affects the final assessment and result.
The questionnaire should be simple and capacious, display all the standards, calculate the final assessment correctly and be clear to both the mystery shopper and the client.