Hostess performance
Mystery shopper restaurant gets money for a quality report that contains the details of your visit to the restaurant, so you should try to make a qualitative check. Your mystery check begins with the moment you enter the establishment. Pay attention to the staff, what are they doing at this moment? Do they meet the guests at the entrance or do their own things? To check their behavior and work in general is also important for the report. For mystery shoppers services is extremely important to be as honest as possible completing the report. Include all the details in the report, that you learned about the work of employees. If they were not in their places, write down what they were doing at the time you went to a restaurant. Try to find out their names, usually you can see it on their badges, but if there are no badges, just ask the employee how you can call him.

This is extremely important for the restaurant. Pay attention to all the details of the restaurant: floors, walls, ceilings, lamps, tables and cutlery. Also check the cleanliness of the restrooms.

Knowledge of the restaurant menu
When ordering, ask the waiter about certain dishes or drinks of the menu. So you check the knowledge of the employee of the restaurant menu, and also you will be able to indicate in your mystery shopper questionnaire, if waiter told you about the acting promotions and offers of the restaurant. The mystery shopper service is so useful, because the most restaurants want their employees to know the menu well, could tell in detail about dishes and drinks, and offer customers the opportunity to use the promotions or offers, so this information will be very useful for your report.

Information about the food and drinks
This is very important information for the report of mystery shopper restaurants, you need to specify how long it took you to wait for your order, if the order was arranged correctly, and also the temperature of the dishes and the taste.
When describing dishes, indicate if the food was too salty or too acidic, and write about the presentation of the dish.

Service in general
Service quality consists of many aspects, such as courtesy and competence of staff, how often staff approached you, how quickly the cutlery and dishes were changed, and much more. Try to keep all these details in your memory or in the memory of your smartphone. Usually the service in the restaurant happens quickly, and it can be very difficult to remember everything. Take notes in your phone, for the staff it looks like you are sending messages.