Mystery shopping offers the opportunities to save money on shopping, refueling a car, and also to eat for free becoming a mystery shopper mcdonalds or any other restaurant.
Here are some tips that will help you to decide if this sphere is suitable for you and how to be a mystery shopper for free:

1. Understand the conditions of mystery shopping. If you want to receive free products in supermarkets and dine at restaurants, mystery shopping is a great solution, but it also requires effort and patience. In the first months of shopping, you should not expect expensive restaurants and high-class hotels, but you will gain the experience after a while and you will be able to make checks at expensive restaurants and shops in a few months.

2. Choose your goal in a mystery shopping. Do you want to devote yourself to mystery shopping completely or just want to earn some extra money? There are people who completely stopped their basic employment and began to engage only in mystery shopping.
In turn, additional earnings are an excellent chance to save on purchases of products in supermarkets, pharmacies, dinners in a cafe, compensate for the costs of fueling the car, etc.

After a few earnings, you will be able to ask yourself what is the purpose of a mystery shopper for you and time that you will be able to devote to visits.

3. Cooperate only with legitimate companies. Most legitimate companies are members of MSPA, which is a mystery shopping providers association. Nowadays, it happens that scammers send the offers to become a mystery shopper on behalf of a legitimate company. Don’t cooperate with companies whose offers you accidentally received by mail.
The most important thing you need to know for this is that you have never to pay to become a mystery shopper.
To find the legit mystery shopper jobs in mystery shopping area, use the mystery shop companies list on the MSPA’s website.