Electronics is a big part of the costs. Such purchases involve large expenditures from the budget and, of course, you shouldn’t save the money on such purchases. But there are some tricks that can help you to save the money in this matter:
1. Large electronics that absorbs the minimum amount of electricity has an energy-saving class A, and the most uneconomical is class G.
Buying a TV, it’s better to choose LCD-models. It absorbs less electricity and creates minimal radiation. Give preference to the electronics that has a power saving mode.
Smartphones and tablets of last year’s models are much cheaper, and their functionality is not inferior to new models.
Also, electronics is much cheaper in the online store.
2. Become a mystery shopper and make a secret check of the electronics store. Your task will be to visit the electronics store as an ordinary customer and to assess the quality of service: courtesy and competence of staff, their skills of sales techniques, and the behavior in non-standard or conflict situations, and at the same time you can check the purity of the halls, correct location of goods and price tags. Such work will save the money on the purchase of electronics, because in most cases, the wages of a mystery shopper is the compensation for the purchase of goods during the secret inspection of the establishments. To become a mystery shopper click here: https://goo.gl/x7LVvo
3. The third way is the most enthralling and interesting! It’s a win in our contest!
Scheduling Worldwide is holding the contest now for the most interesting story about the service. And the main prizes are: Ipad, Ipod shuffle and airbook city!
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