Mystery shopping is an interesting and unusual job, which is gaining popularity every year. The idea of working as a mystery shopper is to perform simple tasks in a public establishment and get compensation for it. This is attractive to most people, but before you become mystery shopper, it’s best to get acquainted with what mystery shoppers do:

?Check customer service:
During a visit to the establishment, mystery shopper communicates with employees and asks many questions, which are important for analyzing the work of staff. This is part of a kind of mystery shopper scenario. The received information gives the opportunity to fill in the report in detail about the competence, friendliness and work of employees in general. Typically, such reports are provided within 48 hours after the completion of the visit.

?Checking sales attributes:
Mystery shopper evaluation can include a check the sales process by buying some kind of product. They can study every step of the sale and create a list of what the seller has offered during the sale. Also, mystery shopper may indicate if a seller offered to reduce the price.

?Checking the return methods:
There is the opportunity to conduct a mystery shopper analysis of how the system of returning goods to the store works before or even after the expiration of the established period. Mystery shopper will analyze the staff answers and determine if staff offers the similar products, or a profitable solution. Based on the mystery shopper work, the client can draw the conclusions about the work of the employees regarding to the questions of return of goods.

?Identify the person:
Sometimes mystery shopper reveals his identity as a mystery shopper, especially if a secret check is conducted in bars, restaurants or in the places where alcohol is sold. Mystery shopper can disclose an identity if he is asked to provide documents. Then the information about this can be transferred to the establishment. This is done to ensure a compliance with certain rules and laws that exist. Especially it concerns the identification of minors.

?Benefits from a mystery shopper for business:
Various reports and studies show that mystery shoppers can increase the profit of the store.
The assessment of the compliance of a business to a particular policy (especially regarding the franchises) is also an important task of a mystery shopper. Company that has several locations of its stores will have a detailed report on the appearance of the store, the work of employees, information about the goods. This is a very useful way to control the quality, because customers expect a certain level of service in each location of the company.

?Search for tasks:
For today, search for jobs for a mystery shopper has become much simpler, since it can be done using a phone. The mystery shopper can use the smartphone to find available mystery shoppers online jobs. The ads also indicate the payment and description of the visit. The detailed information on the visit contains a list of questions that a mystery shopper should ask, a list of products to be purchased, and specified the time frame and the equipment that a mystery shopper must have (for example, a camera in the phone in order to take a photo during the check ).

?Mystery shoppers rewards:
In addition to money, mystery shoppers can receive free products, promo codes or gift cards sometimes. Usually they receive a full refund of the money spent during the visit, but companies forbid to store expensive goods, for example, televisions, laptops, smartphones, etc. Also, mystery shoppers receive free meals, if it’s a mystery shopping in restaurants, cafes or fast food, for example, a Mcdonalds mystery shopper.