The banking sector, like any other sector where there is customer service, needs to provide a quality service at all stages of interaction with customers. Therefore, banking often applies the mystery shopper financial services to check their level of service.

Mystery shopper bank usually needs to ask about opening an account, learn about investments, get information about getting a loan or just talk with the cashier.

Here are some tips for the quality assessments mystery shoppers at the bank:

?Be ready. The check scenario can be different and perhaps you will get a role that may differ from reality. Your financial profile can demonstrate that you have a large amount of money. Learn your script well.

?Don’t learn the details of the bank thoroughly. Don’t ask to invite a certain employee of the bank, calling his name. Just say that you need the information about opening an account.

?Don’t volunteer to get too much information. Let the employee talk with you by himself, ask you the questions he needs. Behave as naturally as possible, as if you really came to get the banking information you need.

Depending on the scenario, you can specify your actual information or a fictitious financial profile. Employees of the mystery shopper company should help you to prepare the answers to possible questions during the mystery check. If you get a specific scenario, along with it you also receive the answers that you will need to give. If you have any questions preparing for the visit, contact mystery shopper scheduler.

If you have any questions that you cannot answer, don’t worry, as they ask them to provide you their products and services better. Just say that you prefer providing this information after you select your account.

?Don’t do those things that can cause suspicion from the bank’s employees. For example, opening several accounts or conducting several transactions in different locations on the same day may cause some suspicion. Ask your scheduler how many mystery visits you can make within a certain time, while not being suspicious.

If it happened that you were identified as a threat or some suspicions arose, report it to scheduler and don’t tell the bank staff that you are a mystery shopper and make a check.