Mystery shopping for the gas station is an excellent solution for car owners and who often fill up a car, as this is a great way to save money.
Also you, as a mystery shopper, probably put many miles on your car during the day, a week or a month. But the costs for these miles can be compensated by mystery shopper job. Purchases in grocery shops, refueling the cars or lunches in restaurants can be compensated and more affordable.

Most likely, no one will give up the opportunity to receive free gas, since this is not the cheapest thing. Most mystery shopping companies provide the opportunity to refuel the car for free in exchange for a mystery shopping check. But before making the assignment, be careful and make sure that the reward is a free gas, and not, for example, free shopping in the store at the gas station.

But, of course, there is a limit on the amount of gas and the company can compensate a certain part of the costs. Watch for the amount of gas in your tank so that you will have the opportunity to refuel and get a refund.

Good solution is also to do several mystery shopping assignments at different gas stations during the week, for example, do 4 regular mystery shopping
Usually, there is open and closed mystery shopping. In the first case, you have to visit the gas station, introducing yourself as a mystery shopper and ask to show the bathroom, for example, to check the cleanliness and general condition by taking a few photos.

Closed mystery shopping is a secret, and it is a bit more complicated since you have to do everything so that no one of the staff will guess that you are a mystery shopper. It is also necessary to take photos in secret and very carefully.
But both checks start the same way – you just come to refuel the car and then go to the store to make a purchase.

According to the surveys, one of the most difficult tasks for mystery shoppers is to take a photo. If you have an open mystery task, then no complications arise. But if you need to act in secret from employees, taking a photo is not an easy task.
It’s easier said than done since the photos should be clear and in focus. You can use a diversion, for example, pretending you make a photo of your purchase. Or when you take a photo of pumps, pretend that you take a photo of your car or the landscape around.

Mystery shopping at the petrol station can be rejected if the photos you sent are not of high quality. So try to take few photos of the same things.
In fact, to make a photo is the most difficult part of a mystery shopper job, so practice to do it in advance or go to another gas station to see where everything is.

Driving is becoming more expensive every time, but if you are a mystery shopper, you just need to drive a car and make money. If you do a mystery shopping at the gas stations regularly during the week, it can almost completely facilitate your budget.