If you have experience in mystery shopping, then for sure it was happened with you that you forgot some details of check. It’s unpleasant, but it’s natural and we all cannot remember everything. Good memory is one of the main qualities of a good mystery shopper. There are some ways that can help you to prevent this.
Here are some mystery shopper tips that can help you as a mystery shopper:

Use associations ?
This method may seem simple, but it really can help you to improve memory. This method consists in linking what you need to remember with what pleases you. Suppose your task is to visit the grocery store and check that all racks are correctly located and the floor is clean, but you notice that strawberries scattered on the floor and it was dirty. In order not forget it, associate it with something that you like, for example, raspberry ice cream. So you remember the raspberry ice cream and with it the raspberry incident in the store. This will give you stronger and vivid memories that will help you to write a detailed report.

Repeat words ?
Sometimes your task consists of difficulties, for example, to remember the names of employees or their appearance. While making mystery shopper checks, you often come across several people and each time they are new ones. To remember some details, pay attention to the bright attributes when it comes to employees. If you want to mention an employee in your report, choose something specific in his appearance, for example, if it is a man, then maybe he has a beard and he is very tall, and if it’s a woman, then indicate her hair color or clothes. No matter what is on them, it is important that you focus on the person and you are able to describe it in your report accurately.

A good way is also to pronounce employee’s name, which is listed on the badge, and then repeat the name several times. When you hear a name out loud, not just in your head, it will help you to remember it better.

Visualize ?
For some people, memory works much better if they visualize things. If you want to improve your memory, use this little trick. Focus on colors or on some features, wherever you are. Creating in your head visual images, it will be easier for you to restore them in your memory after the visit.