If you are thinking about starting to work in mystery shopping, for sure many of you think:

“What is mystery shopping?”
“How to become a mystery shopper?”
What do I need for mystery shopping?”
“Maybe it will be expensive for me .. ”
or “I need a lot of things for this, which I don’t have”

Today we want to dispel some myths about mystery shopping and help you to start working in mystery shopping jobs as soon as possible.
The first thing you need to know: there are only a few things that a mystery shopper need to have and many of mystery shoppers have them.

Transport ? If you don’t need to conduct mystery shops for gas stations or a test drive, you don’t need to have your own car to get to the location you need to check. By bus, by car or on foot – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to come to the right place on time!
And in some cases, you don’t even need to leave the home to make a check! This applies to telephone mystery shopping jobs!

Internet ? Probably there are no more people around the world who don’t have the Internet at home, but if you have a reverse situation, you can use the Internet at your office, in the library or connect the Internet by your phone in the shopping center of your city. You can see the available locations for checks on website of the company you are working with, or they will contact you when they have available checks for you.
Or you can conduct mystery shopping online!

Device for fixing time? Almost every secret check involves fixing the time: how much time you spend in the store, what time you come to the establishment and start checking, and then leave the establishment, as well as to fix a time of certain things that happen during the check. You can easily use a clock, your phone, or a stopwatch for this.

Communications? E-mail is often used to communicate with your scheduler, but sometimes they need to contact you by phone. Therefore, you need to leave full information about yourself, so that the scheduler always has the opportunity to contact you without difficulty.

You? You are the most important tool! You must be a diligent and reliable mystery shopper for your company, because mystery shopping companies hope for you and pay you money for the work. You should have good memory, attentiveness and skills to write notes and reports well. In general, you are the view of the company!