? Email ?
Companies providing mystery shopping services usually work with their mystery shoppers on a remote basis, so you need have an email. This is the main way of communication between you and the company you work for. Without an active email address, you can skip the most important information, for example, a list of necessary purchases of checklist, information about deadlines and much more, which is important for the proper performance of tasks. You can also communicate with the managers of the company by phone, but they have a certain schedule and they cannot always answer the call or find time for communication. Therefore, the most convenient way of communication is an email.

? Stopwatch ⌚
This is also a useful gadget for mystery shopping. Sometimes the company asks to specify the exact time for each individual interaction during a secret check. Stopwatch on the wrist or having it on your phone can greatly simplify your time fixing and you can easily track how much time you spend to complete each item of task.

? Сamera?
Photos for the final report of the mystery shopper are a required condition almost for all tasks. This is a confirmation of the presence of any shortcomings in the checked establishment, as well as to confirm that the visit was carried out by you. Also if you have a good camera it will help you to get good jobs with a good payment.