Legitimate mystery shoppers jobs are absolutely free of charge and don’t require additional payment. But there are several things that you must have to be able to make visits and provide quality reports successfully. Let’s consider what you need to have as a mystery shopper:

?You need a PC or smartphone to search for the legit mystery shopper companies, to register as a mystery shopper and to send reports.
?Also, often, you will need to take a few photos during the check. It is not necessary to use the camera, you can use your phone, but it is desirable that the photos were quality and the necessary details were clearly visible.
You can also use the phone as a stopwatch and voice recorder, taking notes during the visit.

?‍Work as a mystery shopper requires a good memory, since you need to remember a lot of details and important information, but there are some tricks, that will help you with this:
?For mystery shopper bank: banks often have a lot of promotional brochures and the leaflets with current offers that contain interest rates. You can also use them for records during the consultation; just write down all the details you need there while talking with the counselor.

?For the retail mystery shopper: read the task well before you go to the store. Make a small list of the areas of the store that you must visit or products that you need to check and put it in your wallet. You can take notes by going to another area. You can use such list or your phone to record the voice notes of those things that you notice during the check.

?For the mystery shopper restaurant jobs: you need to monitor the time and fix it, for example, how much time it took you to wait for the waiter to come to you or how long your order was preparing during a visit to a restaurant. This requires having a special stopwatch or a stopwatch in the phone. You can hide a cheat sheet with a mystery shopper restaurant checklist under the table, or fill it in the restroom.

No matter what type of check you make, it’s best to make few notes immediately after you leave the establishment, because your memory is still fresh. Or use a voice recorder to record voice notes, so you will not forget anything.

✒In order to develop a good memory, you need time and perseverance. Good assistant for this can be online games, reading or special trainings, which you can also find on the Internet. Don’t worry, you will become a professional in mystery shopping with time.

?A few tips on how to get more of a mystery shopper’s tasks:

?Don’t wait for job, look for it by yourself. When you are on the Internet, you have every chance to find a job. Check your mail for new letters with suggestions, check all the websites of mystery shopping companies, register there as a mystery shopper, and look through their social networks, which are the main source of searching for shoppers nowadays. You have every chance to find a mystery shopper’s job of your choice in social networks. It is best to subscribe to groups in the social networks of legitimate mystery shopping companies and you will regularly see their available announcements about the current visits.
?Build a good relationship. A good relationship with scheduler is an added bonus for you to get more visits, as you are trusted and you work well.
?Learn from experience. Take into account everything that the employees of the mystery shoppers company, which you work in, say to you. Remember all the remarks about the report to do it better and more quality next few times. If you study and ask more questions in order to make the report better, you will be in great demand with the schedulers.