I am not so good at choosing an ideal place to go with my girlfriend, but this time it was a kind of a successful improvisation. We walked in the Central park in New York and suddenly saw lighting and heard thunder. So, we decided to cross the street and look for some cozy café to wait till thunderstorm is over. Going by shop windows, we smelt a saturated and rough taste of coffee. We followed that smell and saw a big signboard ‘La Grenouille’ on 52nd St. The rain started, so we opened the door of this restaurant. We fell in love with this place at first glance: cozy tables with candles on them and soft armchairs, a lot of mirrors on the walls, a piano, and a muted light – such an amazing and romantic vibe! Besides, there were just two couples sitting in the distance. While we were enjoying this atmospheric place, the hostess found a table for us. We sat down and opened a menu. There were so many European and American dishes, which looked extremely tasty! We decided to order two of them and a bottle of a good wine. The evening seemed amazing because some minutes later we heard a wonderful music wafting to us from the piano. The day that could be spoilt by a bad weather became the most romantic dinner we ever had! Since then, this restaurant has become our favorite. #ilovescheduling