Have you ever engaged to any festival in Japan yet? During my stay in Tokyo, Japan, I have a great chance to join one of the big festivals in Tokyo called Noryo Matsuri. The thing I was impressed is not the scale & atmosphere of that festival, but the well-organized preparation and implementation of the people who are hosting that festival. Everything was in order logically. Coming there by taking a train, I thought that there could be a big traffic jam there. You cannot image that there were up to more than 1 million joining that event within a small place with different crossroads. Every corner of every streets was full of people and food booths. Outside the streets, a lot of pedestrian and cars going around. But there are not any sound from the bell, no creaming, no shouting, but everything went smoothly with the guidance of police. They looked so nice and enthusiastic. They always smiles and guided the pedestrian professionally.

Inside the festivals, we can feel the live environment of that festival which are many food booths in both sides of the streets. They are placed in order and have very attractive images with specific prices that made the customers find easy to decide which one they wanted to buy. The toilet signals were hang over the street that make them visible and easy to find. But the most impression to me that they have many staff who stand in front of some recycle bins and ready to guide the people how to separate and classify the garbage. That makes the streets always clean at all times. #ilovescheduling