After 10 years as a professional, deciding to go back to school was both a challenge and a sabbatical decision. This wonderful “sabbatical holiday” at school, would give me a chance to relax, meet new friends, go to parties, learn something new, get more professional relations and basically, enjoy student life… I would never imagine that myself had change so much that I couldn’t be a normal student anymore. Whenever a professor gave me a grade, I would always ask him/her the reasons, (if I had work according to guidelines), whenever a student union promised to do a service for me and didn’t, I was promptly reminding them about compromising whenever giving their word. Meeting at 9:00 am? I woke up early and the professor was “playing” with my time and my payment…. because this time I payed for school and not my parents. Soon I became pretty much an annoying student… I was in fact an adult they were dealing with, not a youngster. I just had to realize this by my own sake. ….me…. and adult!??? I soon realize that it is easy for Us, the adults, to realize if Universities staff are actually giving a good service to the students. Which professors are actually “playing” to work and which are truly engaged for students to become better human beings. This also makes me wonder if the future of quality at Universities would be best performed if more “adults” like me go back to school for specialization… or actually “Us” going there would change the “chill” environment that universities are so characterized by… who knows? #Ilovescheduling