Few tips that will make performing mystery checks easier:

Filter your email. You will receive many different online mystery shopper jobs offers, and if you get suggestions, that you will never be interested in, just set up filters in your account to sort the emails and not to clutter mail.
The easiest way to do this is in Gmail. You can choose a keyword that is typical for visits that you will not be interested in, for example, brand names, or a car, if you don’t have a car and don’t interested in test-drive visits.

? Get the name of the employee even without a badge on his clothes. A good trick for mystery-shoppers to get the name of an employee and remain without suspicion is just to ask his name and ask about the school where he studied, and then to tell him: “Oh, you look like my friend George! One to one! Wow!”
This works well, but don’t do this a second time when checking the same store.

Plan the route correctly. If you have planned several visits per day, you need to plan them correctly to make them quickly and on time. Good mystery shopper application for it is Google maps. There you can enter several addresses and plan a convenient route.

? Read the instructions as soon as possible. If you immediately familiarize with the instructions for the visit, you will never miss important points, for example, if you are a restaurant mystery shopper you will never come in restaurant to make a mystery check, which you had to do yesterday. It also allows clarifying all the incomprehensible moments for you on time, always call and ask your questions to the planner.