The sphere of mystery shopping grows and develops every year. Along with it, it becomes more popular and many people have heard about it. But there are questions, that even today many people are interested, but they are afraid to ask for the various reasons. We have constant support of our mystery shoppers and clients, so you can contact our managers at any time and find out all the necessary and interesting information, as well as get answers to your questions.
But mystery shoppers have questions, that they consider as unsuitable to ask to their managers, so below we give some questions and answers to them:

❓ Does anyone in the checked shop know that I am a mystery shopper?
✔ No, you are completely unknown and you are an ordinary customer for the staff. The management of the shop being inspected knows about the check, but the identity of the mystery shopper is remains unknown.

❓ Will the cooperation with me be terminated, if I miss a secret check or expired it?
✔ No, if you do not do this on an ongoing basis. In such cases, it is necessary to inform your manager as soon as possible. There are different cases and managers can understand you, but permanent unreliable mystery shoppers can be removed.

❓ Can I make checks for several companies at the same time?
✔ Of course, you can. The main rule is not to disclose the names, brands of companies and details of the secret checks. All of this is described in your contract as a mystery shopper.

❓ Is it honest to conduct the checks in the secret from the employees of establishment?
✔There is nothing bad in conducting secret checks. Firstly, the checked companies pay for these kinds of checks in order to assess and to identify the shortcomings to improve a customer service. If your reports are honest and accurate, there is nothing bad in mystery visits. Therefore, objectivity is so important in this matter.