A big variety of stores, banks, restaurants and other businesses hire mystery shoppers to observe and measure customer service, product quality and the general environment of their establishments. The main role for mystery shoppers is making purchases and file reports on their experiences. Companies primarily advertise mystery shopping opportunities on their websites or through marketing firms’ websites. It’s a great opportunity to earn money without a big spend of resources. Before you jump into a mystery shopping job, you need to learn what duties you must perform.

1. Сamouflage
Any employee in the company shouldn’t guess that you are a mystery shopper, because the results of your visit will be false. Observe the time set by the Instruction during the visit of the location. Stay calm and attentive, take your time. We prescribe this time range, based on the actual behavior of customers. If the visiting time of the location is too short or the conversation drags on for half a day, you will surely be declassified.

2. First you spend than you earn
Guess what? Mystery shopping requires you to buy something (in most cases). Since they don’t send you a cash, it is your responsibility to be able to spend your money for the purchases. It also takes between 30 and 90 days to get your paid. If you can’t spend this money, this may not be the job for you.

3. Touch the floor, sniff the guard
Despite such attention to the experience in the “field”, each “spy” gets a detailed briefing on what and how should be in the company, up to the purity of the floors. The instructions say how employee are supposed to behave, how they dress, what they should say. So the “Mystery shopper” goes to work pretty well prepared. As an actor, whose role is spelled out to the last detail.

4. Time
Strictly observe the time range for visiting the location according to the instructions. If you visit the store at another time, you may get the staff change, and the estimates will lose their significance for the customer.

5. Deadline is here
Observe the deadline for submitting the report. The questionnaire on the visit results should be filled strictly during the time specified in the Instruction. Usually it’s 12-24 hours after the visit. If the questionnaire is not provided during this time, the work is considered unfulfilled and is not paid. If there is a good reason for the delay, you should immediately contact your coordinator.

6. Sometimes additional talents are required
For some checks it is necessary to be able to ride a car.

7. Get a degree from a ‘MS’ specialty
On the official site, every secret buyer has the opportunity to go through a quick training and get a certificate. Also The MSPA have developed  on-line European Certification programme.  Remember, companies are always looking to hire the best and brightest mystery shoppers, and this certification is one method of setting these companies apart from the crowd.