Cold Friday evening after a long trip, delayed flight and forgotten gloves. I find myself in Milano, where I am spending a couple of days, and decide to go for a hot cup of chocolate and some shopping spree – well, after all, Milano is the city of fashion, isn’t it? After the tasty relaxation in a nearby coffee shop I head to the big shopping mall, where I start looking for some more reserved, autumn designs and am greeted by the lovely, smiling man who suggests carrying my shopping bags while I am on a hunt for my next catch. Oh wow – I catch myself thinking. Smart, sexy, pleasant. All services should be like that. I end up trying a couple of brown-colored dresses on, choose the most wow one and head to the cashier, where I am greeted once again by the delightful young man, who is giving me my previous shopping bags and is packing my dress along with a few perfume samples and a small chocolate. “What’s that” – I wonder. “Oh, you mesmerized me, and I am sure you’ll look stunning in the little brown dress you chose. I am adding a small add-on to the package to make your neck more kissable, and your lips a bit dirty, so that all men would want to wipe it off”, he smiles with the kinky smile and gives my package. What a service!