After this situation, I always feel a bit exciting before going to the hairdresser’s. Let me start from the very beginning. I wanted to change my look. I can’t say that I wanted something extraordinary, just to change the colour a bit and maybe cut several centimeters at length. At the hairdresser’s, I was told that today only a new master was working. I agreed as I didn’t have another day to make it. At my own risk, I sat in the chair and stood motionless. 40 minutes later, I was shocked while looking in the mirror! Someone with almost red hair was looking at me from it! I didn’t want to change it that way!!! I was in panic, so the hairdresser saw it and decided to improve the situation. She took some bottles with colours and started to mix them. I was more frightened than before, but she told me that she found the mistake and would change everything. Almost an hour passed… I looked in the mirror again and so a bit red, even copper colour, which fitted my brown eyes perfectly! The hairdresser continued to dry my hair and then cut it a bit. I was almost shocked… But it was worth it! When my hair was completely dry, I saw her idea! I looked like a bright girl with eyes perfectly fitting the hair colour – they even seemed more expressive. That is the situation when you should rely on professionals and explain them your preferences more exactly!