I’ve recently visited York with a group of five girlfriends, in search of some good English grub and, in particular, a proper cup of tea! On arrival at our B&B, we confirmed that we all wanted full English breakfast in the morning. And what a sight it was, when we arrived the next day! A special table had been set for our large group, with lashings of tea and coffee poured out no sooner than we had sat down. We were invited by a friendly staff to help ourselves to fruit, cereal, yoghurt and jams before the cooked breakfast arrived. And it didn’t disappoint! Eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes… what a treat for those of us who live abroad, and don’t often eat such bacon! Not to mention the brown sauce that accompanied it. The staff was extremely attentive and interested in our group, asking us about ourselves (our group of five all come from different countries including Malaysia, the USA and Belgium!) and giving us helpful tips on what to see and do in York. The Italian cook who brought us our meals could be heard teaching the odd Italian word to the other guests. When he greeted me with a friendly “Prego, signorina,” as he served my food, I replied in fluent Italian, and his jaw almost hit the floor! He was astonished to come across a fluent non-native speaker and we had a nice conversation about Italy. The staff was very friendly and, although our whole trip was wonderful, this service was really a highlight for us.

Gemma Brown