If you are looking for job with phone calls at home, so Mystery Shopper phone calls is perfect work for you!

What are telephone mystery shoppers doing? ?

They call in different companies and ask certain questions to check call center services. For example, ask about their work hours, or find out if they have a certain product or service. Or there is need to ask about all these things with the aim of to check their call center customer service skills.
Mystery shopper should sound convincing and show real interest in the information. You also don’t have to worry much about background noise, because in this job you are an ordinary person, not a call center operator, so children and dogs will not interfere you. Perfect job for home.

Unlike other calls job positions, you don’t need to make a certain tone of voice, as an operator, because in this case you play the role of an regular person, client of the company.

Schedule: ⏳

You can сall to call center services company at any convenient time for you during business hours. It’s not even a job, it’s something you just do and get extra money for it.

To become a mystery shopper and get interesting tasks, just register on link right now!