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August 2019
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All about the brand

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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All about the brand. Why is it really important when we talk about the “brand”? How to measure brand loyalty?

A brand is not just a trademark; a brand is a whole set of features that distinguish a company from its competitors and make it easily recognizable among consumers.

The strength of a promoted brand is that the buyer chooses a particular among other similar ones. 

For example, the Sony ™ brand is a symbol of quality and reliability among certain music lovers. A brand is also a more general concept than a trademark. Swiss Watches are a brand! Belgian chocolate is also a brand! And we may say that a “healthy lifestyle” is also a kind of brand!

Rational brand benefits

  • Consistently high quality of services, their timeliness, comprehensiveness, and reasonable sufficiency
  • Maximum completeness, versatility, and efficiency of service, a maximum variety of of the range of services
  • The breadth of the range of services, their high quality, versatility and complexity of the service at competitive rates

Consumer awareness in rational benefits (real or imaginary) of a “brand” allows customers to accept the “premium brand price”.

Emotional values of the brand

The emotions that the “Brand” broadcasts to the environment are transferred to the product and to the consumer, and this can be:

  • Innovative / dynamic / strong / intelligent / socially responsible
  • Traditional / innovative / growing / striving for excellence etc.

Positive emotions, which the company relays, make the “Brand” more attractive in the consumers’ minds.

Brand individuality

Broadcasting into the external environment (through information, advertising, promotions) creates a certain image (Brand personality, brand individuality), which the consumer “humanizes” and can partially transfer to himself (“Marlboro cowboy”, etc.). 

More complex communications can create other personalities:

  • A growing, intelligent, innovative, dynamic company
  • A socially responsible company with an impeccable business reputation.
  • Well-known, reliable company with corporate traditions
  • A successful company with a well-developed structure and strong industry ties
  • A company aimed at maintaining long-term partnerships with customers

Individuality allows you to better demonstrate a competitive advantage through a different image.

Brand Rating

BRAND ENERGY – a measure of the brand’s ability to influence the buyer associated with his customer loyalty.

BRAND EQUITY – a concept that considers a brand as a tangible or intangible asset that you can buy or sell. If a brand is rich and strong, they mean that it has a lot of capital.

BRAND PROMISE – the benefits which consumers expect to receive from this brand.

BRAND VALUES – A term used to describe the financial value of a brand

BRAND AS EMOTIONAL CAPITAL (BRAND-RELATED EMOTIONAL CAPITAL) – a reflection of the emotional loyalty of employees to the company’s brand

Brand health indicators



What we do to develop brands

  1. We do not work with experts who evaluate companies.
  2. We select for you the maximum number of unique opinions, in accordance with the portrait of the audience of your brand.

On average, for 1000 service ratings, our client receives 500 unique opinions.


  1. Live customer comments. Thanks to a huge amount of content, we can analyze customer comments that are emotionally relevant to and influence their choice, loyalty, and recommendations.
  2. Growth of client base. With good service, some researchers are converted into real customers and make purchases, making the project self-sustaining.

The uniqueness of our methodology

What we do

Due to the involvement of a large number of participants in our projects, we analyze not only the implementation of standards, but also HOW they are implemented.


Emotional metering allows us to understand:

  • The correctness of the design of the study
  • The relevance of current service standards
  • Compliance with standards and customer expectations
  • What standards most affect customer choice, satisfaction, loyalty and the desire to recommend a brand.
  • The importance of specific standards for customers

The modernity of our methodology

What indexes do we measure to investigate the loyalty for a brand?

  • NPS: Net promoter score: The most famous index in the world customers comebacks
  • CLS: Customer loyalty satisfaction: Our index is about customer base stability and the importance of standards
  • PAS: Personal approach score: Our index is about personal service

Some of our clients’ cases:

  1. Global cardless payment system

Task: Market launch of a new electronic payment system.

Decision: Attracting 100% unique users on a monthly basis and multi-testing of UI and UX.


  • The product has been successfully launched in 15 countries in Europe and beyond Globally. Conducted and digitized assessment of retail outlets for integration and readiness to work with the product key issues identified in all devices, maps, and channels.
  • Found points to improve the experience of using instant correction of bugs in the application, not noticeable to users
  1. Subway

Problematics: The company’s business model consists of franchisees, it is necessary to monitor and manage the service throughout the network and create a culture of high-quality customer service.

Decision: A comprehensive Subway Star program for assessing the quality of service has been developed, including feedback from real customers, evaluation of the emotional state of employees, motivation of line staff and feedback from mystery shoppers.


  • After two-quarters of work with the program, the service grew from 70% to 85%
  • The growth of the average check-in restaurants Subway Star at the level of + 31%, the NPS in these restaurants is 60% higher than the average in the network
  • Buyer return rate increased by 18%
  1. Intel

Problematics: Promotion and quality sale of new innovative devices 2in1.

Decision: Integration of the quarterly mystery shopper program into the Intel Global Sellers Motivation Program on a quarterly basis.


  • Recommendation level reached 89%
  • Offer to buy the target product has grown to 91% of cases
  • Quarterly increase in sales by target products + 25%
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