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December 2019
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‘Conveyor syndrome’
Standards of communication to kill your client’s loyalty

Derkach Anastasiya

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Your clients don’t leave. You are the one who is losing them. Customers never quit into the blue – they go to your competitors. Do you want to keep losing your customers? Then be sure to follow our advice!

Tip 1 – Make your customers repeat 

Strong black coffee lover rushes to work every morning. He buys his favorite drink in a popular chain every morning and always says “One standard coffee, without milk, please”. Their employees strictly follow the procedure of communicating with the client. 

Employees ask quite reasonable questions, such as “What blend to use for a drink” and specify the client’s preferences. Then a client is offered some more expensive blend and desserts. It is not difficult for an employee to repeat the same thing to every client. And to hear “no” time after time.

In the end, be sure to ask the customer about the order details ones again. He definitely will be happy to say what he wants again.

From the perspective of our observations, 6 out of 10 clients had to repeat the details of their order. 

Tip 2 –  Make your clients strive for living communication 

Make your employees stick to standard phrases and repeat these 24/7.

In case if the customers do not understand the answer of the employee – repeat the same, but faster. And then, say that you’ve already provided the information.

Why customers are so goofy?

Oh, and do not forget to make your customer pass 9 circles of IVR hell. This will help the customer to tune in – they really like to hear 10 times per minute “Your opinion is very important for us”.

Tip 3 – Why so nervous? Employees need to answer questions, not problems

Welcome your customers with a standard phrase and ask them to inform you of the purpose of their call. No emotions = no troubles. While the customer tells his heartbreaking story, be sure to interrupt him. Interrogate the client with your questions.

A survey of call centers in one of the financial structures has shown that clients estimated the politeness of employees by an average of 77%, and in the evening this figure was 45%. When we asked them about their evaluation choice, 80% of respondents said that the employees acted like robots and there was no empathy from the employee towards them, as a customer.

Our survey had shown that 32% of clients consider the employees incompetent if they asked questions indifferently, without empathy.

When you work on the conveyor – there is no need for empathy.

If you don’t follow our advice, what happens? All of this will affect your company’s performance. Your customers value their time. They don’t want to repeat the same thing, they don’t want to suffer in a bid for calling the call center or attracting the waiter’s attention, they don’t want to listen to the employee’s response while he says something inaudible, waiting to ask for the question of interest.

The NPS of the company, whose customers believe they spent too much time on solving their question, was -38%. And this is how you understand the main indicator of your success.

Recently, the focus in service has been shifting towards building good relationships with customers. You have to offer not only a wide range of fine goods/ services at reasonable prices, but also be emotionally attractive, exceeding the expectations of your customers.

And do not forget the formula: happy customer – happy employee – happy company!

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