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January 2020
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How to conduct digital marketing research

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Present days bring changes non-stop. Our life is progressing, and modern business is changing its focuses. Since the Internet had been invented, digital sphere has made a significant spurt forward. However, it was used as a tool for promotion much earlier than the worldwide network appeared. Now it still includes many other approaches that go beyond online edges.

Digital marketing is becoming more relevant for business development, as in accordance with the realities of contemporary times companies should pay much attention to their target audience on the Internet.

Digital-marketing (DM) is a marketing strategy, using a set of tools for promotion of goods or services of an enterprise, including all digital channels of communication with the audience. Its main task is to attract and retain customers for the business.

DM can be used for the following purposes:

  • increasing coverage of target groups and brand awareness;
  • formation of positive image;
  • increasing consumer loyalty and recruiting brand advocates;
  • data collection for marketing research.

How To Conduct Digital Marketing Research?

For the most effective promotion in digital space, a professional team of specialists uses a whole range of tools that complement each other. Marketing agencies, such as Scheduling Worldwide, help to reach the best result out of all available tools.

We can perform the following types of work in this field:

  • branding: development of positioning, corporate identity, company’s logo and naming;
  • software product development: websites, mobile applications, web services, etc.
  • creating a long-term marketing strategy for business development;
  • integrated promotion on the Internet: SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.
  • conducting advertising campaigns using offline digital marketing tools;
  • organization of events for the enterprise.


This type of marketing provides coverage not only for online users, but also for people using tablets and mobile phones, downloading applications. Due to this, the audience is expanding. This approach allows attracting offline audience to the online market, and vice versa.

Digital marketing also allows collecting clear statistics about users, since almost all online activities are taken into account by special services. As a result, conclusions about consumer portrait and the effectiveness of individual channels are more accurate.

The task of an agency, specialized in DM, is not a one-time setup of marketing tools, but the constant development and scaling of a client’s enterprise via digital channels.

Wrap It Up

The world is changing at a furious pace. What seemed impossible yesterday, can be considered outdated today. In order to stay afloat, business owners should follow the latest digital marketing innovations and understand how these tools works.

DM is tightly linked with other spheres of marketing. Complex actions help to develop a brand, conduct marketing research and implement loyalty programs.

Scheduling Worldwide experts follow the newest trends and can describe benefits, that your company will get in a result of promoting your enterprise in the network. Please, feel free to order professional marketing services for your business at our agency, and we will design the best strategy together!

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