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August 2019
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Mystery Employee: see your business with the eyes of your workers

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Are you still sure you know what is happening behind the scenes in your business?

Today we would like to give you a wider view of the possibilities of the Mystery Employee Program. Can you only imagine, that now you may see that now it is possible to see your working process through the eyes of your employees? 

Find out, how tough is the adaptation process for new coworkers, what may set the barrier between your company and the perfect candidate for the specific position, and measure the level of engagement inside your team.

“Mystery Employee” is the program and can be used in 2 directions

  1. Constant control:

Permanent or periodic monitoring of the work of HR managers and field managers

  1. Slice and study:

To study the situation to identify the reasons for staff turnover and to draw up a plan for further changes and training. You can easily lose a talented employee before you start working with him.

According to a “Mystery Employee” investigations we carried out recently for a global brand of electronics, every fourth potential candidate cannot reach the company. And because of that – all of them rate the company as unreliable, irresponsible and say that they prefer not to work for that particular company.

Even if the employment process was successful – the main barriers may appear on the stage of adaptation. Companies often spend very little time onboarding new hires. With up to 20% of staff turnover occurring within the first 45 days of employment, a standardized onboarding process is essential.

Due to our “Mystery Employee” investigation for the restaurant chain, most mentors for new recruits do not facilitate a smooth integration process:

40% of them do not present the employee with the work agenda for the day. 20%  of administrator does not devote enough time to staff

They do not give the employee feedback on his work at the end of the day, do not introduce the team to a new employee and do not create the feeling of well-coordinated teamwork.

One of the main benefits of the “Mystery Employee” program is that it fully ensures an assessment of all working processes: from the selection stage to the on-site internship.

Among other advantages are:

  • Extensive feedback:
    The company receives information on how employees are able to “sell” a vacancy and how adaptation and training in locations actually take place.
  • “Knowing everything and everywhere”: verification can take place in any location. The result – identifying the particular reasons for staff turnover
  • Prompt online statistics for the top managers. 
  • Identification of development zones. We provide you with full recommendations according to improving the process of employment, adaptation, and motivation.

In conclusion, we would like to describe all the peculiarities of implementing the “Mystery employee” program for your business.

  1. Preliminary preparation consists of:
  • Study of standards, interviewing, and customer adaptation plan
  • Recommendations for the preparation of the evaluation form
  • Definition of verification parameters and terms of internship
  1. Applicant: undergoes preliminary training, testing, personal briefing, and interview with the Coordinator of Scheduling Worldwide before performing the audit.
    Applicant data is submitted to the Customer to guarantee employment applicant performs:
    – preliminary call arranges for an interview – evaluation of the “sale” of a vacancy by phone
    – Interviewing – HR Manager Performance Evaluation
    – Internship in the store – Director’s evaluation
  • Telephone communication: interest in the applicant, compliance with the rules of a telephone interview, invitation to an interview
  • Communication at the interview: the completeness of the information provided to the applicant, the rules of communication, obtaining detailed information about the applicant, the ability to ask questions, demonstrate loyalty to the company and the prestige of work
  • Internship: acquaintance and information, training, adaptation plan, implementation of the adaptation program, training with a mentor, general assessment of the work of the manager, employees, the atmosphere in the team, working conditions, etc.
    The customer gets access to questionnaires and statistics
    Application form:
  • Call
  • interview
  • Internship
  • The customer recommendation report is provided to the Customer online, on the web portal, within 48 hours after completion of the internship.
    Reporting is based on the specialized software product of Shopmetrics Inc USA.
  1. You can promptly analyze all the information
    You may not see the reason for the poor performance of the employee in the quarterly report. The system of fines does not always work well, but only frustrates and demotivates your staff. Employees may even not adhere to service standards and show indifference while working without supervision.

“Mystery Employee” investigation – is the unique opportunity to see your inner processes from a different point of view, uncover all hidden problems and find a proper solution.

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